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14 Mar

Reposts. I promise I will find time soon to write! A lot of exciting things are happening both at home and at work right now.

Can’t wait!

14 Mar
14 Mar

Like I always say, there has got to be a better product out there!

One of the most frustrating challenge that we were faced as new parents was dealing with Zoey’s extremely sensitive skin. Which came as a surprised as I never thought twice about the possibility of having to deal with this problem.

I was well prepared before she was born. Bought a typical baby body wash and never looked back. Never thought twice. Until one day when we were finally ready to bathe her. Her skin had an extreme reaction to the wash. There was some guilt felt.  How did we do this to our baby? No one teaches you to be parents, unfortunately for the most part it’s trial and error. 

The most frustrating part of all was that it took forever for her skin to heal and one healing after the other, we kept ‘testing’ different baby washes with just a tiny area of her body. Each one causing the…

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28 Feb

If Zoey’s stuff were actually for sale, I bet they’d be sold out! =)

I always knew I didn’t want Zoey to have a girly girl room. No barbie dolls or princess themes- can be cute but just not for us. I already had a vision for her nursery- white, simple, modern, and lots of diy projects from mommy + daddy. I wanted the nursery to have the reminiscence of a boutique. A baby retail boutique.

Daddy used this fabric to make her changing station cover, bedskirt, and bedsheets. 

And he also made the decorative pillows and matching foot rest. We love daddy! 

We added the extra hanging space here both for aesthetics and space saver. Her closet was getting overflowed!

The goal is to have her shop in her own room so she doesn’t feel the need to go elsewhere!

I love these small cubes to display her shoe collection.

Zoey’s hand and foot prints at 1 mth. 

Zoey used to fit this…

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28 Feb

Love the idea.

Ok. So I know this word has been redundant in my blog but this project really is SIMPLE! Every nursery needs an ABC artwork so why not integrate your baby’s name into it and make it personalized?

It started with a black frame that I got from Ikea’s AS IS section. I had no use for it but b/c it was dirt cheap, I figured I would use it ‘someday.’ Surely enough, I did and it serves its purpose fairly well!

I had to paint the frames stark white b/c nothing in Zoey’s room is black. 

Got these white glitter (subtle) letters from Michaels. They always have 40% off coupons on their website so print them out and utilize them. 

From my scrapbook stock paper collection, I chose a pale pink as the background and a patterned blue as the letters for Zoey’s name.  

A quick glance at the…

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